Seal coating

We offer commercial and residential sealcoating services. We use only commercial grade material to ensure your pavement is protected from UV rays, harmful chemicals and oil spills. Sealcoating is also the best way to beautify your faded asphalt surfaces.

Line Striping

All line painting is done in house to complete our clients sealcoating or paving projects. This is the last step in the pavement maintenance process. 


Paving/ Asphalt repair

Hine sealcoating is also a full service paving and pavement repair company. Have us repair your potholes, and alligator cracks, or your complete your start to finish paving project.


Hot applied Crack fill

Crack sealing is the number one pavement protecting service. When water is entered through cracks it can cause heaving and further damage. Protect your investment today with our hot rubberized crack filling process.